On a lovely Saturday morning in August, staff from Banyan Community and St. David’s Center gathered to greet preschool parents and the four and five year old graduating students.  This year we have eight preschoolers graduating and heading off to kindergarten! All of the students received a preschool certificate, folders of their art- work and journals, a bag of treats from SDC and a gift of culturally specific books from Banyan.

We’ve accomplished so much with St. David’s Center over the last three years and are immensely proud. This fills the following news with many emotions and wonderful memories: St. David’s Center will not continue to directly provide preschool services at Banyan. The current health and economic crisis is simply stretching resources too far.

The student’s zest for learning charmed the staff from day one. Banyan staff worked very closely with the St. David’s staff and families. We conducted home visits, responded to concerns and questions, assisted and supported parent nights. The families participated in Banyan’s adult programs, attended Banyan’s family gathering events and three of our preschool parents are part of the parent leadership team at Banyan – our community council; one is our current council chair person.

Banyan continues to evaluate transitioning leadership and daily operation of the program to Banyan in 2021. We will continue to work toward our common vision of supporting the essential development and school readiness of young children in the Phillips neighborhood.

The St. David’s preschool program at Banyan helped to lay a strong foundation for learning and success with our youngest graduates. We are deeply grateful for everyone who supported a successful launch of preschool services at Banyan, and our families. Without all of us aimed in the same direction at a beautiful goal, we simply would not have seen the results we have. We will continue to update you as we move forward.