Banyan is a Great Place to Work!

Our team is deeply rooted in community development working alongside families and youth. Many of our employees live right in the neighborhood that we serve.

Banyan is an equal opportunity employer.

We are excited to be able to offer benefits to all of our full-time employees! These benefits include healthcare (premium is 100% paid by Banyan), short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, SIMPLE IRA, cell phone reimbursement, and professional development.

We at Banyan are always interested in talking to interested and qualified professionals and neighbors. If you have a desire to work with us, we encourage you to reach out. To apply, email a completed Program Application to

Thank you for your interest!

Current Openings

Development Officer

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Holly at

Volunteer Opportunities

Banyan is a community development organization that empowers leadership development from within. Because of our commitment to build leaders inside our community, our volunteer opportunities complement what we need to access from outside of our community skill sets. Volunteer positions are typically ongoing (9 months to a few years), and require an application, interview, and background check. Opportunities include: high school tutor, board and committees. One-time opportunities include workplace tours, business networking opportunities, professional/civic groups presentations to share the Banyan story, and career talks.

If you are interested in volunteering with Banyan Community, email us at with your contact information and the skills you wish to share, and your area of interest.  Thank you!

High School Tutor (One Year)

During the school year, Banyan has 19 high school students who attend the ASPIRE! tutoring program for support with their schoolwork. Because our students attend a high-achieving school, we need highly skilled tutors who can work 1:1 with students to help explain calculus, physics, biology, chemistry, and AP classes.  Time commitment is one night a week (Monday or Wednesday) from 6:30- 8:00pm.

Banyan Board Committees (One Year)

Committees at Banyan are a great way to put your business skills to work.  It also gives you a good idea of how Banyan runs.  Committees support the work of the Board.  Board positions are filled through committee members. Committee assignments vary, and tend to be one year commitment.  Committees are made up of Board members and non-board members that are engaged around a specific task/goal.

Work Place Tour (One Time)

Our middle school students spend a lot of time learning about careers, it is even better when they can see them in action!  We need friendly businesses that will allow our youth to tour your business to learn what you do and how you do it!  Our group is about 20-25 young people and leaders.  We have vans to come to you!


Our high school and college youth need connections to the market place.  Providing an internship for this purpose is great!  Help our older youth explore what they might want to major in for college and beyond!

School’s Cool (Seasonal)

The School’s Cool program provides every Banyan youth with a new backpack, school supplies, and school uniforms to ensure they are prepared when they walk into the classroom. It really does make a difference that year after year Banyan kids are prepared to go each fall. Years and years of this adds up to one thing – GRADUATION! We are looking to add a partner and/or individuals to help facilitate and fund School’s Cool.

Business Networking

An important resource for Banyan is business networking.  Banyan is able to grow as more and more people learn about the transformational work happening in the Phillips neighborhood.  We need networkers that will share the story and make introductions to organizations, churches, and groups that might be able to support our work.

Share Banyan with Professional/Civic Groups

We would come to your professional or civic group to share the Banyan story and learn about ways to support and engage with our work.

Career Talks (One Time)

Occasionally we have people come in to give talks to our youth on their careers and what path they took to make it a career. We will also have high school students visit places of employment and shadow people that have jobs that youth may be interested in.


Personally educate a high school kid!  Be a scholarship sponsor for four years and be a part of changing a young person’s life.

Community Awareness/Fundraisers

Groups can host an awareness activity or fundraiser to share the Banyan story. This is an ideal opportunity for youth groups, families, neighbors, etc. to host a car wash, dessert party, dunk tank, etc. (the sky is the limit) and raise awareness for the work of Banyan.

Other Ideas?

We would welcome other ideas that you might have, a particular skill that could support the work of Banyan.  Just email for us to learn more. If you are interested in volunteering with Banyan Community, email us at with your contact information and the skills you wish to share, and your area of interest.  Thank you!

  • Banyan Community Outdoor Event
  • Banyan Community Youth Community Program
  • Banyan Community Youth Community Program

“I love how Banyan supports families and kids. My kids really enjoy coming here and the educators do a great job.”

Banyan Parent

“I am so grateful for Banyan. I trust Banyan and the staff here with my children, which is very important to me.”

Banyan Parent

“Sometimes I think of moving to the suburbs due to the drug and homeless issues but, then I think of Banyan and my neighbors, friends and family and I say – I CAN NEVER LEAVE PHILLIPS.”

Community Council Member

“I’m glad I came to Banyan this summer or else I would just be at home bored watching TV instead of doing fun things like crafts.”

Banyan Youth

“I’m thankful that we have had Banyan to guide us through this college process. We have never done this before, and don’t know anything about college or financial aid. It was good to know that our son had Banyan to help him understand things and explain the steps.”

Banyan Parent

“Banyan teaches you to stand up for what you know is right, to handle the situation in a respectful manner.”

Banyan Youth

“I give to Banyan because I know that my gift will go a long way both in impact with the community as well as effectiveness with a well-run organization.”

Current Donor