Moving into a new home takes some time to make it your own. Furniture is placed and then rearranged. Pictures are planned and hung. Memorabilia and family heirlooms need to find a new display location.

One of the last locations to be completed in the Banyan Community home is the ASPIRE wall. This wall features the 70 students that have completed their education from DeLaSalle High School through the Higher Ground Scholarship program! Every student is strategically pictured in the Fireside room where family and donor conferences occur. This is a tangible reminder of the Banyan legacy and a visual of future generations.

ASPIRE is Banyan’s intensive high school academic support program that engages youth through the critical high school years at DeLaSalle. ASPIRE is led by trained staff and supported by expert volunteers (engineers and business leaders) to help youth with the homework load and to build relationships and explore careers with business and educational leaders. Students benefit from one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, strong accountability, and parental involvement. This program has resulted in a 98 percent high school graduation rate for more than 15 years.