Banyan Art Workshop started in the Essenburg home in 1999 over the MEA weekend. Each year middle school youth gather to paint a collection of pictures around a common theme. Artist, Anne C. Brink has worked along side us for 15 years to help youth with individual paintings as well as creating a group banner. Art Workshop creates a way for our middle school youth to work together on a common project….talking, painting, and realizing we have more strength together. The art work also allows our youth the opportunity to have a painting displayed on their walls at home. Art Workshop continues each fall and has produced over 200 pieces of original art.

The theme this year – Neighborhood Roots…Transformed Lives

At Banyan, our neighborhood is transforming as we build a new building to meet our increasing demand. We are growing throughout our lifetime, we can also be the ones who change the world around us. Our hope is that together we will all work to make the world a better place.

The collection will be on display at Westminster Presbyterian Church Gallery from September 14 – November 23. Check their website for available times to stop by and view the collection.