On Sunday Oct 13, about 200 people gathered for Banyan’s annual fundraising dinner at St. Edward’s Parish.   It was an amazing time of sharing stories of success, as well as viewing the WE DAY video of Marissa in action!  Twenty five high school youth warmly welcomed guests as we shared a soup and salad meal provided by ZELO.  Banyan’s funding gap at the end of the year is $260,000.  Of that, individuals fund 46% or $120,000.  We started with a $20,000 match at the dinner, and that match was met in one night!  Thank you!  Our remaining balance is $80,000 for our individual donors.  Our grants from Corporations and Foundations are pending to bring to a close our $140,000 from that category.

 If you have given to Banyan in the fourth quarter, thank you!  If you are still considering, please do!  Your gift makes our work possible!   Remember that you can also designate your United Way gift as well as ask to see if your company will match your gift.

 Thank you so much!

 Joani Essenburg