It’s been a great year for the Banyan Community afterschool programs. To mark the occasion, we threw a Banyan Family Celebration party, and it was a blast! The evening included bouncy houses, yummy food, exciting games & animals. There were prizes galore and also some great photo ops at the photo booth.

Who knew that turning the Banyan yard into a petting zoo could be so much fun? We had goats, an alpaca, a large pig, and several sheep to meet and get to know. Everyone enjoyed exploring the differences in fur between the animals and even adults couldn’t resist taking selfies with their new furry friends. It was definitely a highlight of our evening and something we will never forget!

Banyan Community welcomed more than 225 families, friends and neighbors to the event. Everyone had an amazing time and laugher filled the air. What a great way to conclude our afterschool programs season.

We can’t wait to see you for Cool Off Days summer programs starting June 19!