Middle school youth adventured to Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center in mid-July for camp. It was Banyan’s first trip to Osprey Wilds and the first time youth experienced overnight camp since 2019. Osprey Wilds is an environmental learning center on the shores of Grindstone Lake in east-central Minnesota that builds environmental responsibility through education and outdoor experiences. Youth were able to explore and learn together in this new environment.

While at Osprey, youth learned about the history of the area which included the impact of a devastating fire still having environmental repercussions today, went hiking, learned about protected wildlife, and tried archery. Youth also learned to use telemetry equipment for tracking wildlife and practiced by tracking each other in the woods. Spending this time together as a group strengthen friendships and created lots of opportunities for fun and laughter.

Camp is typically a favorite memory for Banyan youth, and we hope our middle schoolers will look back on this experience fondly.