Birthday Bash evening at Bayan was full of joy, laughter, and community. “This is my best birthday ever!” one of the students exclaimed on her way to creating her crown. The evening saw more than sixty Banyan youth join in the celebration with cake, crowns, and of course, large group games. Who doesn’t love a big game of flashlight tag!

As youth enjoyed their cupcakes and ice cream, we shared conversations about birthday traditions. Some of their highlights were:
• Freedom to sleep-in on the birthday morning
• Unlimited gaming, especially Fortnite
• Eating steak
• Other family members doing their daily chores
• Piñatas and candy

One elementary youth explained her love for Banyan and what it means to her: “If it wasn’t for Banyan and all their fun things, I wouldn’t be so happy. My last school was not fun.” Creating a space to celebrate with each youth, the treasure that they are, is a privilege for the Banyan staff.

Happy Birthday Bash Everyone!