Earlier this year, the Banyan Board of Directors approved our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. The 5 year plan continues the journey we’ve been on to deepen our roots within the community and creates enhancements to ensure youth and families receive relevant, future oriented programming. Our ongoing and focused approach will continue to develop reconciled people, committed learners, and leading citizens.

Strategic Plan Highlights

  • Establishing early childhood educational opportunities for preschool youth
  • Building out our education capabilities
  • Expanding our high school program to support additional youth while promoting diverse postsecondary options as well as internship and career support
  • Diversify and increase adult education options
  • Enhancing our organizational infrastructure and advancing our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion to best understand and serve our community for generations to come.

We look forward to sharing more details with you as this plan advances our mission in the years to come.

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