We are in the thick of holiday season and Banyan’s annual tradition of festive card making is one special event. Banyan families are invited to gather after the completion of youth after school programs. Families can create cards of encouragement to share with our local neighbors living at St Paul’s Home or they can create holiday greetings for family and friends. Fathers and daughters formulated designs next to mothers and sons. The creative juices were flowing freely!

“Happy Holidays, You Matter, You are Loved”

“I wish you to have a good year!”

The two hours were filled with conversation, laugher, and sparkle. Lots of sparkle! Everyone enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies while they waited for the glue to dry. The youth were very productive, some individuals even completed 4 cards. By the end of the event there were more than enough cards of encouragement created for the 54 residents at St Paul’s Home!

“Love makes JOY!”

“Feliz Navida sonta yo decea que dodo van a jer feliz (Merry Christmas, I hope everyone is going to be happy)”

Banyan’s new program for neighbors 55+ years old also meet this month and took advantage of the art supplies. Friends created holiday greetings to share with family and their landlords.

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