Closing the Post-Secondary Education Gap

Closing the Post-Secondary Education Gap

By |January 10th, 2024|

Pursuing Fulfilling and Family-Sustaining Careers

In 2021 Banyan Community began the work of bringing to fruition initiatives outlined in the new 5 Year Strategic Plan. This plan has guided and informed many programming decisions in the last two years. More information about this plan can be found on our website. An initiative articulated was to promote a wider diversity of post-secondary options for graduates and enhance career support. Practically, what actions have been taken toward this initiative?

The intentional first step taken changed the internal language used from “college” to “post-secondary,” granting high esteem to career choices that do not require a four-year collegiate education. Banyan launched a Banyan Scholars customized in-person freshman orientation for any youth enrolled in two-year post-secondary programs. Typically trade schools and Associate programs offer limited orientation and counseling assistance for students. This leaves a significant gap for Banyan to step into as a resource.

“When I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do they (Banyan staff) asked me about myself and my interests and they helped me look for schools with programs that would suit my desired career path.” -Karla, new high school graduate

Banyan has also developed a key partnership with Access Point in order to enhance career support options. Access Point specializes in walking with youth through high school apprenticeships and into post-secondary internships in order to expeditiously enter technology careers. Within Banyan’s service area only 37% of people over 25 have an Associate’s Degree or higher. This is in significant contrast to Hennepin County’s and Minnesota’s averages. There is need for support, expertise, and wisdom, which is where the Banyan Scholars Program has become invaluable.

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