Initially, Banyan Community responded to the recommendations to mitigate community spread of COVID-19 by closing our building and moving to modified programming. On April 9th, we opened up for childcare for youth K-6th grade of essential workers. Banyan parents are on the front lines at the grocery stores, hospitals, food service, etc. We’re glad to walk alongside them as they do their essential work.

Staff and families are adjusting to remote programming like so many others – who knew you get so much done on Zoom?! We’re responding creatively and trying out new ways of doing things – even hosting fundraisers!

Banyan’s work to develop youth, strengthen family, and create community has never been more important. Our vital work has always been and will always be more than what happens in our building. The relationships and trust we have forged with our neighbors will guide us through as we support families now and into the future.

As families navigate these changes, Banyan is supporting them in many ways:

  • Offering childcare to essential workers for children in grades K – 6, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm
  • Helping parents support online/distance learning requirements and securing the technology needed to implement
  • Providing supplemental educational opportunities via 1:1 virtual homework help sessions for K-12 grade students, and filling a newly created YouTube Channel with ongoing enrichment activities including crafts, science projects, and movement
  • Ongoing communication with and support for parents around distant learning requirements as well as student academic performance
  • Providing accurate community resources and information to parents and Block Club Leaders for food security, technology access, unemployment, and much more

While we support families navigating this difficult time, we know this is only the beginning. The economic and educational repercussions will only make the opportunity gap that exists wider. And, like all non-profits, we are coping the best we can with the ever changing world.

That’s why your connection and your ongoing commitment to our community is crucial. As we navigate this uncertain and challenging time, your continued support allows us to be responsive and ensure we can support families now and through the challenges ahead. As you work to ensure the health and safety of your family, your commitment to the Banyan family is invaluable as we move forward together.

Stay safe and healthy!