Family involvement is a key value for Banyan Community programs. This not only strengthens the connection between parents and their children but also fosters a supportive environment for families. In fact, the American Psychological Association completed at review in 2019 of over 448 independent studies and found that parent involvement in a youth’s life positively impacts their social and emotional adjustment. At Banyan Community, we understand the significance of family relationships, and recently, hosted an unforgettable Family Night event for our Kindergarten through 8th grade families.

Family Night exemplified the significance of family partnership and its role in community building. This was accomplished by providing intentional time for families to connect, learn, and celebrate together. Family Night provided a valuable platform for parents to learn, engage, and connect with their youth’s programs. One of the favorite events of the evening was a competitive game of Jeopardy! By providing informational sessions, hands-on experiences, and fun games, parents left the event equipped with a deeper understanding of their youth’s activities and the tools to support their educational growth.