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During the live broadcast, we celebrated the successes of the past and our vision for the future. We experienced how a neighborhood faced with many challenges is finding a new norm: one where youth are graduating from high school, community members believe they can make the neighborhood a better place to live, and families are invested in a hopeful vision of the future.

Banyan Community is poised to grow and partner with more youth and families, but we need you!

Watch the Recorded Broadcast

Click the link below to enjoy the Annual Banyan Dinner originally broadcast on Sunday, October 25th at 5pm.


Help us reach our goal

Banyan Community is on a journey to deepen roots and grow our future, and we’re grateful to have you join us!  There are many ways to help support the event. You can be part of the transformation by:

As You Watch the Program – Color a Banyan Tree 

The word “Banyan” comes from a Banyan tree. A grove of Banyan trees is created around one tree’s center trunk; all of the trees in the community are interconnected. Be part of our community by using your creativity to complete your tree which you can download and print at home. Download your tree here!

Throughout Sunday’s program you’ll hear about many elements of our work. As you do, fill in the corresponding leaf. Then, join our grove by posting your tree on Facebook with the hashtag #BanyanisRooted or by sending us a copy. We can’t wait to see your partnership in all of its colorful glory!

Thanks to Christiane Cordero

Christiane Cordero

Christiane Cordero served as Emcee for this year’s Annual Dinner. Christiane joined WCCO in May 2018. As a reporter for WCCO 4 News This Morning, Christiane brings original, consumer driven stories to WCCO’s morning show. Learn more about Christiane by reading her full bio.  Christiane brought her enthusiasm for storytelling as she helps us explore the transformation happening inside Banyan Community.


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