The new Seedlings program has completed it’s first 6-week session. This early childhood program is tailored to meet the unique needs of Banyan families and their birth to preschool-age children, aligning seamlessly with our asset-based approach, and serving as a cornerstone in our strategic planning efforts.  

The Seedlings program curriculum is written by the Banyan staff team with a standards-based developmental scope and sequence being utilized. This program also incentivizes attendance and offers other relevant resources for families. One of the key topics of this last session was sleep. Our Parent Educator spent time with caregivers discussing the importance of sleep schedules, how to establish routines, and decerning how to help toddlers who suddenly have trouble sleeping through the night.  

Observing parents actively participating in activities alongside their children has brought joy, is building community, connection, and trust among families and staff. In the first hour of programming adults and children spend time together, facilitated by our Seedlings Coordinator. She provides opportunities for dads to paint and for moms to build towers with their child. Families read together, dance together and build shared experiences. 

“I love how this space is being utilized by both children and adults to foster their learning and growth.” -Parisa, Seedlings Coordinator

Seedlings is a vital program addition that strengthens Banyan’s commitment to providing lifelong support for families. In the next 6-week session Banyan staff are looking forward to continuing to build connections, sharing concerns and gratitude around parenting, and offering more hands-on activities (maybe even some take home crafts). The Banyan preschool room also continues to be open once a week in partnership with Minneapolis ECFE for drop-in play and learn sessions.