In June of 2022 Banyan Community submitted a proposal to Hennepin County Public Works regarding the empty lot at 2510 14th Ave South. This is a vacant lot just 100 feet down the alley from the Banyan playground.

There are many potential uses of the empty lot, including as a parkette to serve as a community meeting space, a medicinal/indigenous garden, a pollinator-friendly area of wildflowers and native plants, accessible raised beds, or other possibilities yet to be identified by the community. There is also the potential to use the land as a food producing area, such as a traditional community garden or a food forest. Other opportunities include a composting area for organic waste produced by Banyan Community’s ongoing activities. Regardless of the direction, it will serve as a potential site for outdoor youth programming and family gathering as well.

Banyan Community has received a $45,000 grant from Hennepin County to pursue development of this lot. Our Community Team is reaching out to parents and scheduling neighbor meetings to invite input on the design and use of the land.

We are excited to see this blank canvas turn into something flourishing, sustaining, and life-giving!