The creative juices were flowing!

Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his paintings – Henry Ward Beecher

If this quote is true then Banyan families’ souls are full of love, joy, and a spirit of peace. The creative expression of caring with buttons, jewels, markers, feathers, stickers, and pompoms at our Holiday Card Making event was a beautiful thing to witness.

Banyan fathers and mothers alongside their elementary and middle school youth set aside time to give back to the Phillips community. Specifically, crafting holiday cards of encouragement in three different languages for the 52 residents at St Paul’s Home located just 6 blocks from Banyan.

A mother daughter duo created some eye-catching jeweled creations of flowers and a butterfly. A father daughter team scripted some heartfelt messages and a mother with her young son found joy in sharing many foam stickers. Our community engagement team is looking forward to delivering these treasures next week.