In 2021 Banyan Community began the work of bringing to fruition initiatives outlined in the designed 5-Year Strategic Plan. One of the outlined initiatives involved pinpointing program opportunities for older adults that Banyan Community could provide to our neighbors. This month Banyan hosted its first ever event specifically for adults over 55 years old.

This event had dual objectives. The primary aim was to strategically and interactively engage with neighbors, gaining insights into the type of program that would best suit their needs. There was quite a bit of conversation about gardening. Questions about the new Banyan Community Garden were answered and some of the guests living in apartments without green space lamented the loss of an ability to exercise their green thumb. Other interests for programming expressed included seated yoga, computer literacy classes, and a knitting club.

The second goal was to facilitate more neighbors stepping into our Banyan building. This event offered the opportunity for neighbors to gain more clarity about Banyan’s community development programs. Guests toured the building, chatted with staff, and enjoyed some fall themed crafts. Several neighbors also took advantage of transportation assistance and enjoyed a ride in the new Banyan Community vans.

We are grateful for the eighteen neighbors who joined us for this fall-time party. Moving forward, the Community and Family Team is processing everything that was learned and working on plans to launch an ongoing program in the spring. More details to come!