Kids Club is Banyan Community’s oldest program and one in which youth can put values of inclusion, connection, and cultural awareness into practice. It has evolved from an originally Christian-based program to one that invites and welcomes all youth from any spiritual or faith tradition to join in serving-learning and civic-engagement. Youth participate in community outreach projects that serve and support their neighborhood.

This year we will be working with a local art nonprofit, Articulture, to do a two-part art project with the students. We are very excited to see the final product that the kids will create. We are currently keeping the final shape of the project a bit flexible, but the ideas we have are very exciting and will eventually be on display around Banyan once it’s done.

What is “bring a friend to Banyan night” (April 13th)? This is the night we encourage youth to invite their friends to partake in our service project and snacks. Even those not from the neighborhood will be encouraged to visit and experience what Banyan is about. That evening we are currently planning to do a service project centered on making items for the Animal Humane Society.

One of our biggest successes last year was Family Night. This night required all of Banyan to work together to make this a special evening. We are very excited to make that happen again, creating a strong community moment for our families. This year, we will have an art project, community service, and gardening! See you April 27th!

Participation in Kids Club is optional. Each of the 8 session includes an outreach project, gym time, and a snack. All Banyan youth in Kindergarten through 8th grade are invited to join!

Kids Club kicks off January 12th! Contact Kayne Lussier for more information and to register