Exciting times are ahead at the Banyan Community Garden as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring. With plans to grow a variety of produce and harvest our first crops, we are looking forward to cultivating a vibrant and thriving space for our community.

Two of our plant beds will be dedicated to youth education, providing an opportunity for young gardeners to learn about gardening and sustainable practices. The remaining plant beds will be used for growing fresh produce that will be shared with Banyan families and the Waite House produce shelf, fostering a sense of community and generosity.

One delicious project on the horizon is the cultivation of ingredients for homemade salsa. From juicy tomatoes to spicy peppers, we are excited to grow the perfect mix of flavors that will bring joy to all who taste it. Kids Club youth will be spending some time prepping the garden for planting and parents will be working with a couple gardeners learning how to bring the best produce to life.

In addition to planting seeds, we have plans to enhance our garden infrastructure by adding a shed for tools, a fence for protection, water access for irrigation, and a more permanent gate for secure access. These improvements will not only make gardening more efficient but also create a welcoming environment for all who visit.

The Banyan Community Garden, it’s not just about growing food – it’s about growing together as a community. Our Banyan families will take on the role of gardeners, nurturing plants and relationships as we work towards a greener and more connected future.