Every summer middle school youth ‘go to work’, to learn about career opportunities and the education needed to get there. Banyan is intentional about helping youth discover career interests and building educational maps to achieve their goals. These site visits are a wonderful ‘hands on’ look at what it means to be an engineer, a banker, a lawyer, or work in the medical device field, or plan the building of a sports arena, etc.

So far this summer, we’ve been to The CW23 to practice being a host for a local TV station. There are a few youth that are naturals on camera and the green screen! We toured the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and learned about how they interact with local banks, and monitor the demand for currency in the 9th district (with a look at the robots moving the money in the Cash Services Division). We also tested flight simulators at Aerosim, the future pilots stayed very calm during a variety of emergencies thrown at them and safely landed planes!

If you are interested in hosting us at your workplace, let us know!