Check out these adorable food trays! Today, Banyan Community is taking a big GREEN step thanks to a Waste Prevention Grant from Hennepin County. According to the grant guidelines, “businesses and organizations produce more than half of the country’s waste.” The primary objective of this grant is to effectively curb waste production. With a strong focus on prevention, it aims to implement measures and initiatives that will significantly reduce the amount of waste generated.

Banyan Community’s kitchen is an ideal place to help decrease waste production. During afterschool programs all Banyan youth are provided a hearty health-balanced snack. Previously, these mini-meals were served on disposable trays, producing bags of trash daily. Moving forward, food will be provided on colorful reusable trays made from natural wheat fibers. This grant will also help to stock the Banyan kitchen with reusable dishes, silverware, and platters for community events, therefore cutting down on waste created by disposable products. The $5,000 grant also covers purchasing new dishwasher rack inserts, so that we can ensure everything is clean and ready for the next use. These investments make for a seamless operation, and uphold a higher standard of environmental care.