Spring is blooming at Banyan! We have new activities, new youth, new staff, and a new community garden!

We are thrilled to move into this spring season with all of our full time staff positions filled! This is the first time in 5 years that Banyan has been fully staffed. We are excited to see what 2023 brings.

The after-school program has enrolled our 155th youth! Currently, middle school youth are learning about career options and planning some field trips. The 8th grade class has decided to embark on a service outing to Open Arms. High school youth are looking forward to completing some college visits over spring break. Elementary youth are studying the rainforest with special attention to the variety of animals. Scholars are working on honing their networking skills through three different offered events.

Banyan’s community work is also making strides. A Banyan community garden has finally received the green light from Hennepin County. This project will give our youth a chance to exercise their green thumbs and parents are excited to be part of it. In partnership with the University of Minnesota Extension, Banyan is also offering a 7 week course class in Spanish to help parents learn to navigate the educational system more effectively.

We are looking forward to celebrating these strides and reminiscing about the last twenty-five years at the Banyan Dinner (April 23) and at the Banyan Family Gathering (May 19). Hope you can celebrate with us. Happy Spring!