This week marks the beginning of Banyan’s summer program–Cool Off Days! Kindergarten to Fifth Grade youth will be busy at the center and on field trips learning about: Construction; Stuff, How it’s made and how it works; and We love Phillips, along with  plenty of water days!   The Middle School (gr 6-8) will be visiting Base Camp, Boston Scientific, St. Anthony Falls (and building a dam), as well as constructing a Tronix project as well as going on swimming field trips.  Banyan has 20 talented summer staff; a mix of Adult, College and High Schoolers both employed and volunteers committed to bringing about the best summer ever!  We are thankful for our donors that provide our Cool Off Days free of charge to our younger youth and help to employ our older youth.  Summer is funded by Individual Donors along with the 612 Grant from The Minneapolis Foundation, and Step-Up Summer Jobs Program.