Research suggests that having support from other trusted adults in a child’s life can have a positive impact on their well-being and development. These adults offer a secure environment where children can freely express their thoughts and emotions. They provide valuable guidance, share wisdom, and assist in navigating challenges across various aspects of their lives, including school, family, friendships, and other important matters. These relationships help to build resilience to handle adverse childhood experiences.

A recent study by Ashton, Davies and Hughes* suggests that it is vitally important for a child to have not only a supportive parent in their life but also an invested adult. “Individuals with one parent and other supportive adults in their lives had significantly higher odds of reporting all childhood resilience resources than those who only reported having both their parent without other supportive adults.” Therefore, other supportive adults in the lives of youth can be vitally important!

These trustworthy adults should be individuals who actively listen, provide valuable input, create a sense of safety, and ensure the child feels comfortable sharing the realities of their lives. They should offer guidance when things get challenging, showing a genuine care for the child’s best interests. Having support from other trusted adults in a child’s life can help them build resilience, develop a positive sense of self, and navigate challenges. Banyan Community is privileged to have the opportunity to build these supportive relationships with the youth in the Phillips neighborhood.

*Ashton, K., Davies, A.R., Hughes, K. et al.Adult support during childhood: a retrospective study of trusted adult relationships, sources of personal adult support and their association with childhood resilience resources. BMC Psychol9, 101 (2021).