Cargill Bioindustrial: A Catalyst for Banyan Community’s Growth

We express immense gratitude to Cargill Bioindustrial for hosting us and providing a platform to share the Banyan Community’s story. This collaboration not only strengthened our partnership but also opened doors for increased future support from Cargill Bioindustrial employees.

Our sincere thanks extend to Erica Messner, Group CFO/Finance Director at Cargill Bioindustrial and a valued member of the Banyan Community’s Board of Directors. Her pivotal contribution played a crucial role in ensuring the memorable and impactful success of our speaking engagement.

Holly Miller (Director of Development & Marketing) and Dan Watson (Director of Programs) presented at Cargill’s “Lunch, Learn & Give” event, where Cargill Bioindustrial showcased their dedication with a generous donation. This financial support symbolizes their commitment to positive impact and acts as a catalyst for increased employee engagement and volunteerism.

This partnership stands as a model of transformative collaboration and shared values. We thank Cargill Bioindustrial for their warm welcome, support, and generous donation propelling Banyan Community. We invite other businesses to join us in building robust, resilient communities, collectively making a meaningful difference, one community at a time.