Banyan Community is excited to debut a Crystal Sokuu original. Crystal is a local community member, an art therapy teacher, an artist (check out her heART studios website), and a Banyan graduate! Back in 2006 Crystal became the first Banyan youth to graduate through the ASPIRE program from DeLaSalle High School. She was a driven youth then and she is still striving as a vital visionary member of our community and an involved Banyan parent.  

Crytal shares that “together, we can achieve remarkable things by leveraging our collective strengths, ideas, and efforts. By fostering collaboration and unity, we have the power to overcome challenges, create positive change, and build a brighter future for all.”  

This commissioned piece of art is titled Together We Can. It visually shares the present and the future of Banyan Community, through vibrant color, texture, and humanity. The next time you visit Banyan we hope you take some time to view this piece.