Diamond – Banyan is Brilliant

The Annual Banyan Dinner was a tremendous success! Almost 250 celebrated at the American Swedish Institute on Sunday, November 9th. Thank you to all that attended and supported the work of Banyan. Thank you for helping spread the word about Banyan – we want everyone know about the transformation happening in Phillips!

Beautiful, Brilliant, Bold, and Beyond our Years
These words do not describe poverty… they describe Banyan People… people that are living in a poverty neighborhood, but are actively working to alleviate the pressures that poverty places in our lives.

WE are Beautiful (Reconciled People), we reflect the beautiful diversity of our neighborhood. We are from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures… we learn about each other. We realize that we are stronger together than apart by building trust-based relationships.

WE are Brilliant (Committed Learners), we are not a school but we support learning, we believe in the development of youth- starting in Kindergarten all the way to and through college, we develop families, community, employees; development is in our DNA.

WE are Bold (Leading Citizens), we have 18 block clubs formed that reach out to 1400 people, there are proud and engaged youth and adults speaking on behalf of our community, our adults at Banyan discovered their strengths through Strength Finders, took Financial Literacy classes… and look forward to many more opportunities for Adult education and leadership when we are in our new building…

WE are Beyond our Years (Future Oriented) – Youth and Adults are making plans for the future… more common to hear, “oh I am planning to go to that meeting or do this activity…” than “oh, what are you talking about??” Third graders are talking about going to college and high school youth are receiving college acceptance letters… (average 3-5 letters per student).

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